Launching a business?

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. But, with a little planning you can achieve your goals. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this simple checklist will help you organize your start-up activities and start you on the path to success.

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  1. Brainstorm ideas
  2. Test your idea
  3. Pick a business name and check availability
  4. Register your business name with State of Ohio (if applicable)
  5. Choose a legal entity and file with Secretary of State
  6. Designate a registered agent
  7. File for trademark protection (if applicable)
  8. File for Copyright protection (if applicable)
  9. File Patent protection (if applicable)
  10. Get all founders to assign intellectual property to the company
  11. Register all relevant domain names
  12. Request Federal Tax ID Number or Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  13. Open a business bank account
  14. Choose a location for your business
  15. Negotiate a commercial lease (if applicable)
  16. Buy business insurance
  17. Obtain the necessary permits and licenses
  18. Setup a bookkeeping and accounting system
  19. Build a team
  20. Seek outside funding
  21. Get mentors
  22. Hire an attorney
  23. Hire an accountant
  24. Choose a hosting company
  25. Build a landing page
  26. Build a website
  27. Create website Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy
  28. Start a blog and/or email newsletter
  29. Capture email addresses

For a more detailed discussion of these essential steps, download the Startup Checklist now.

If you have any questions about launching a new business, an attorney can help.

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